2 hours – 2 and a half hours is standard length of video for a DVD. This can vary based on file size.


What is Cloud storage?

Cloud Storage is a collection of servers managed by a big tech company. People upload their files and can download them, anywhere they have internet access.

Is it safe?

Cloud storage is relatively safe. There is always a risk of  data being hacked or lost but this could also happen with an external hard drive or flash drive. Big tech companies have backups and procedures in place to handle a data loss or security breach, unlike you with one external hard drive/flash drive with a single password or no password.

How does it work?

VHS Master uses Google Photos for its Cloud Storage of videos and photos. Once your media is digitized, it is uploaded to Google Photos and a download link is emailed to you the customer and your files can be shared with family and friends, anywhere, anytime absolutely free!   

Our turn around time averages about week to three weeks depending on the amount of tapes, reels or photos to be converted. 

It depends on the amount of items to be preserved and whether or not they still work (there is no charge for tapes/reels that go bad). The cost average order is around $500.  Take a look at our services and prices.

It’s important to preserve your memories as soon as possible because they wont last forever! VHS tapes only last anywhere from 10-25 years depending on quality of the tape and storage conditions. 

DVDs are quickly becoming obsolete and will be gone for the most part, within the next five years. Digital video is here to stay for a long time to come. We offer both, the choice is yours.  Both DVDs and Digital Videos are available upon request.