VHS Master - "We help your memories live on!"

Welcome to VHS Master

Welcome to VHS Master, a full service Video/Cassette Tape Digital Conversion and Photo Archival/Restoration Business.
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What Do We Do?

At VHS Master, we preserve your memories by taking your old videos, audio cassettes and photos to convert them from their analog format into digital formats. They can be viewed and or stored on your computer, a flash drive, CD's, DVD's or Cloud Storage.

Why Digitize

You wanted to preserve those special moments such as your baby's first words, birthday parties, holidays and family vacations. You spent hundreds of dollars and hours on cameras, tapes and film, not to mention the time you actually spent shooting videos and taking pictures. How would you feel if all of those memories just disappeared? Whether you like it or not that's what's happening right now! Many people don't realize that video tapes, audio tapes and photographs, deteriorate over time due to the climate, storage conditions and time.

Types of Media We Work With

  • VHS/VHS-c/Hi8/8mm tapes
  • Audio Cassette tapes
  • Photographs
  • 8mm/Super8 Film Reels
  • 35mm Slides

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Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 8-5pm
Sat: 10-5pm
Sun: Closed