Physical to Digital Media

Your VHS Tapes are becoming harder to support Your photos are subject to wear and tear, fires, rips, spills, and overall degredation over time. Less and less VHS repair shops are staying open, photo restoration services can be daunting to look for, and you have classic films, home videos, personal photos, and even paintings that are becoming impossible to replicate or keep. Our way of preserving media is running out of time. Let VHS Master be your number one resource for converting your tapes, audio cassettes, and photos into digital media that you can share and keep through the years by cloud or physical storage. 

VHS Tape to Digital

Convert your owned VHS tapes into digital media for your home computer, or turn them into other formats, such as DVD.

Audio Tape to Digital / CD

Convert your owned audio tapes, 8-track, cassette, Hi-8, and more into MP3 audio files for your home entertainment system, your car, or your CD collection.

Video / AUDIO Editing

Professional quality video editing services for your business, your podcast, or for your own video content. Add music, titles, transitions, and more with a professional touch.

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Ready to Get Started?

It’s 2019, and even now the year is half over. The time to get started with preserving lifetimes worth of memories is quickly  running out.

You need to convert before you lose your documented personal records, treasured films, and precious memories into perfectly converted digital media files, made ready for cloud storage such as DropBox, Google Drive, MEGA, MediaFire, etc. or on a physical storage device (you can provide or buy one from us.) such as a USB Flash Drive, SD Card (Micro/Standard), or External Hard Drive.


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